TOMUU Solar Tracker Linear Actuator, Contribute To The New Energy Industry!

TOMUU Solar Tracker Linear Actuator, Contribute To The New Energy Industry!

November 18-20, 2021
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2021 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo
Guangzhou·Canton Fair Area B-Hall 2 Booth B577

On November 18th, the World Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition was held in Guangzhou • Canton Fair. This summit forum aims to jointly discuss the future development trend of distributed photovoltaics, exchange cutting-edge technologies, summarize advanced experience, and contribute to the early realization of the "dual carbon" goal of promoting the distributed photovoltaic industry.

While the state strongly supports the development of the solar power generation industry, how to effectively improve the thermal energy utilization rate and increase the power generation efficiency is one of the most concerned issues for everyone.

According to reliable data, compared with the fixed tracking method, the automatic solar tracking method can increase the power generation efficiency by 10%-20%, and the dual-axis tracking control can improve the power generation efficiency by more than 20% compared with the original fixed tracking method. .
TOMUU Solar Tracker Linear Actuator
①High safety and reliability
Strict material selection, precise design, and passed a number of tests (salt spray, waterproof, dust proof, etc.).
② Strong adaptability to the environment
The protection level can reach IP66, and it can run smoothly under the working environment of /-40+60℃.
③ Very low maintenance cost
Maintenance-free design, easy to install and take up less space.
④ Strong customization ability

Rich experience in the solar electric actuator industry, flexible solutions and customized on-demand.
In this exhibition, TOMUU launched the solar tracking hand crank U18C, which is suitable for emergency manual operation under large load conditions.
The high-load solar actuator U10G has a super load capacity, and the compact structure design can make the solution more flexible and the installation more convenient.
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