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U18C Manual Linear Actuator For Solar Tracker

U18C is a special design manual linear actuator for multipoint linkage for solar tracker

Max. Load: 5,000N (push); 5,000N (pull)
Max. Static Load: 20,000N(when fully retracted)
Speed: 1.4mm/r±5%
Min. Installation Dimension: 250mm+S
IP Protection: IP65
Ambient Tep.: -40
°C ~ +65°C
U18C is a manual linear actuator designed for solar tracker application. It has 5,000N push/pull capability and holds 20,000N when fully retracted to 800mm. It is IP65 rated and works on -40°C ~ +65°C ambient temperature. Usually, several U18C manual linear actuators are installed on one line solar plant, which can rotate from south to north. They will be adjusted 4-6 times a year to meet better angle of sunshine.

Code Torque Rated Load (N) Speed(mm/r)
Push Pull
A ≤8N·m 5,000  5,000  1.4 



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Datasheet - U18C

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