For Sofa

U9C Massage Chair Linear Actuator

U9C linear actuator is designed for massage chair. Also could be used in other sofa. Voltage: 24 VDC  Max. Load: 4,000 N (Push); 2,500 N (Pull)  No-Load Speed: 4.9 ~ 27.9 mm/s  Full-Load Sp

U1 Linear Actuator For Lift Chair

U1 is a strong force linear actuator with max. to 6,000N push capability. It is designed for lift chair. Voltage: 24 VDC  Max. Load: 6,000 N (Push); 4,000 N (Pull)  No-Load Speed: 4.3 ~ 23.9 mm/s

U6C Lift Chair Linear Actuator Furniture For Headrest

U6C is a compact linear actuator design for headrest  Voltage: 24 VDC  Max. Load: 2,500 N (Push); 1,500 N (Pull)  No-Load Speed: 8 ~ 25 mm/s  Installation Dimension: S + mm  Nois