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1. Yes. The stroke length are fixed and set by factory according to customer’s requirement.
2. We have 2 options to make actuator stop at a certain stroke:
• Set a third limit switch inside actuator. When it is on or off, it will output a signal to control system.
• Set hall sensor inside. When motor rotates, it will output signal to control system. You can use formula as below: motor speed(rpm) / 60/ ratio * thread number of worm * lead * thread number of screw.

Because 12V is half of 24V, the current at 12V is 2 times of that at 24V. Maximum load and speed will be influenced by current. Usually maximum load and speed at 12V will be less of that at 24V. For more details, please send us email.

Yes. A limit switch is set at the end of stroke. So when actuator extend to its maximum stroke, it will stop by itself.

1. Samples will be delivered 2 days or more according to series and depth of customization.
2. Bulk goods will be delivered 3 days or more according to series and quantity.

Yes. Actuators can be powered by DC 12V, 24V or 36V lithium battery. 

Yes, if customer requests. Hall and Pot are 2 options. For more details, please contact us.

We have carton for small actuators and wooden box for big actuator. Please contact us for more details.

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