The 2021 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo

Exhibition Preview | TOMUU Invites You To Participate In The 2021 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo

2021 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo
(Formerly the 13th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition)
Time: November 18-20
Venue: Guangzhou·China Import and Export Fair Complex Area B-Hall 2
Booth No.: B577
Sincerely invite, welcome to come!

Dongguan TOMUU Actuator Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and production of solar electric actuators . Based on superb high-tech and perfect supply chain, TOMUU has won many honors at the national and provincial levels. There are more than 80 invention patents and utility model patents.

After years of R&D and manufacturing, TOMUU has participated in more than 12GW of solar power generation projects in mainland China, the United States, India, Canada, Chile, Spain and other countries, and has become the world's most competitive high-quality supplier of solar tracking actuators . It is the most reliable partner for customers at home and abroad.
In recent years, with the continuous breakthrough of photovoltaic and photothermal power generation technologies, solar tracking systems have been widely used in solar power generation projects. As the key equipment of solar tracking system, electric actuator plays an important role in it.
In the 2021 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo, TOMUU showed many new products ( single and dual-axis tracking actuators, hand-adjustable photovoltaic actuators, multi-point linkage photovoltaic actuators, and solar thermal tower solar actuators ).
TOMUU will exhibit the U10 series of solar electric actuators, which have super load capacity and strong self-locking function, and have the characteristics of strong stability, high protection level, long life, easy installation, maintenance-free design, etc. Applied to large, medium and small solar photovoltaic bracket drive equipment, it can effectively track the direction of solar light receiving, greatly improve the efficiency of solar power generation and energy saving, and can efficiently track solar panels even in harsh environments.
If you want to know more about the products and solutions of solar tracking system, please go to TOMUU Exhibition Hall (B577), looking forward to in-depth communication and cooperation with you! !
The 2021 World Solar Photovoltaic Industry Expo