U21A hydraulic solar damper for solar tracker | solar tracker damper

U21A Hydraulic Solar Damper For Solar Tracker

U21A is a strong solar damper which designed for PV solar tracker application. It help to be anti wind vibration and stabilize PV tracker / tracking system.

Load: 10,000N
Stroke: 200-900mm
Min. Length: 400-1,100mm
Max. Length: 700-2,000mm
IP Protection: IP68
Ambient Temp: -40℃ - +65℃

U21A is a solar damper/shock absorber designed for solar tracker to anti be anti wind vibration and stabilize PV tracker / tracking system. U21A has designed life of 100,000 cycles, which is very reliable and cover all life of solar plant.

Speed(mm/s) Restoring Force(N) Compressive Force(N)
15 3,500 Max 3,500N Max
26 7,400 7,400
31 8,500 8,500
42 12,215+20%/-40% 12,215+20%/-40%
47 12,900 12,900
52 14,200 14,200

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