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U2 linear actuator for hospital bed

U2 is designed for hospital bed, healthcare equipment, etc. where strong force is needed. It is very quiet, and strong. Hall sensor for position feedback is available.

Voltage: 12 / 24 VDC 
Max. Load: 8,000 N (Push); 4,000 N (Pull) 
No-Load Speed: 4.7 ~ 35mm/s 
Full-Load Speed: 2.35 ~ 20mm/s 
Installation Dimension: S + 163mm 
Noise level: ≤52dB 
Duty Cycle: 10%
U2 linear actuator for hospital bed is widly used on 1 function, 2 functions and 3 functions bed. It has aluminium alloy body design with plastic cover to resist dust and water, which make it stroke enough to hold 8,000N load. It is very quiet with less than 52dB, which means you hear nothing when you 3m away from actuator runing. Besides, U2 linear actuator is also suitable for some home and industrial application, like window open, auto-open stairs, etc.

Code Ratio Rated Load (N) Rated Current(A) Rated Speed(mm/s)
Push Pull No Load (24V) Full Load (24V)
Standard Motor(2600RPM)
A 39*2.6*1 8,000  4,000  4.5 2.9  2.3 
B 39*3.9*1 6,000  4,000  4.5 4.3  3.5 
C 39*2.6*2 5,000  4,000  4.5 5.8  5.2 
D 39*3.5*2 3,500  3,500  4.5 7.8  6.2 
E 38*2*2.6*2 2,500  2,500  4.5 11.9  9.5 
F 38*2*3.5*2 2,000  2,000  4.5 16.0  13.6 
G 38*2*3.5*3 1,000  1,000  4.5 23.9  19.2 


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linear actuator for hospital bed