Tomuu Linear Actuator Maintenance For Solar Tracker

Tomuu Linear Actuator Maintenance For Solar Tracker

As we know that linear actuators for solar tracker are used in hard environment, like desert, where very high temperature on daytime, very low temperature on night, strong wind with sand, heavy rain with corrosion. So we will need linear acutaor maintenance regularly.

U17A electric linear actuator is designed for multi-point linkage solar tracker, typically 1 24VDC motor with 3 actuators installing on one raw of solar plant. With Tomuu's square tubes and joints, which has passed for 100,000 cycles test, 3 actuators connect with each other and drived by 1 motor. It is IP66 and IEC62817 rated, which is a standard for solar tracker actuator. Here is oue suggestion of U17A/U17B linear actuator maintenance:

Operations every one year   
Inspection frequency: After two years of operation, the product shall be inspected and maintained once every one year.
Visual Check Contents
The solar linear actuator is in the half stroke state, and the photovoltaic panel bracket is in the horizontal position. Check the following points:
a) No structural damage due to deformation, rupture or fracture of components. Pay attention to the transmission gear box, outer tube and inner tube ends.
b) No rust on inner tube, no rust on shaft, serious wear and tear.
c) The upper fixed joint of the solar tracker is in good condition without loosening, the fisheye bearing does not have too much radial action, and the shaft is not rusty or stuck.Please add anti-rust grease on the upper fixed joint and fisheye bearing.
d) No grease leakage. Pay attention to the following aspects: front end cover, transmission gear box, front oil seal.
e) The locking screw between the gear box and the box cover is tightened and not loosened, the screw connecting the transmission gear box group and the actuator is tightened and not loosened, the screw between the actuator box cover is locked and not loosened, and there is no gap between these parts.
f) Motor connector contact condition is good, no intermittent bad contact phenomenon.

​​​​​​Lubrication of the transmission gear box 
Maintain life-long lubrication under conditions of good grease performance.
Although there are no strict requirements, we strongly recommend lubricating the transmission gears in the gearbox to refresh the original grease and compensate for a small amount of grease migration to the internal area. When the solar tracker is in the stationary position, manually inject oil through the oil injection hole on the upper part of M8×1.25 on the gear box cover (30-50g oil per injection). (Note: Only mix compatible greases. Mixing incompatible lubricating oils may result in ineffective lubrication and even damage the product.)

Inspection during operation  
From the fixed position, manually driven solar tracker control to the "rod fully extended" position (for the linear actuator model and parameters, please refer to the product 2D drawing file or technical parameter table), when the product reaches the maximum stroke, the limit switch needs to be halted and stopped, and the motor is stopped. Power supply, (if the limit switch does not stop when it reaches the upper limit of the maximum stroke, it means that the limit switch is abnormal.) When the actuator is moving, verify the following:
a) The movement is steady, the sound is uniform and there is no abnormality, and there is no sign of vibration or found internal or external obstacles.
b) For the tracker size and current wind conditions, the motor power consumption is normal and the current is normal.
c) The upper and lower fixing devices of the tracker move along the axis without jamming, and there is no forced structure to bulge.

In the "stroke fully extended" position, visually check the following points:    
a) There are no deep scratches on the surface of the entire inner tube;
b) The front end cover of the inner tube has a good appearance, and there is no missing material or obvious damage.
c) Traces of oil can be seen at the foremost end of the inner tube. Check whether the pipe is uniform around (see the figure below); in this case, the oil seal is normal. When moving through the inner pipe, the inner pipe takes a small amount of oil from the oil seal, which helps to reduce the friction between the inner pipe and the oil seal and keep the inner pipe The imperceptible oil film on the surface is continuously lubricated.Use a soft cloth to thoroughly clean the greased area on the inner tube surface.

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