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TOMUU ACTUATOR LIMITED headquarters in Mid Glamorgan Wales United Kingdom In 2016 TOMUU set up a copartnership Dongguan TOMUU ACTUATOR TECHNOLOGY and authorized it to produce and sell TOMUU s patented products TOMUU has always been devoting herself to improve human s life TOMUU has unique Idea in development manufacturing and corporate culture which has been applied to Furniture medical care industrial equipment and smart home TOMUU focuses on developing and manufacturing high quality actuator system and Offer reliable solution for non standard and new area application Our Advantages Our core team has nearly 20 years actuator experience Deep customization service is supported JIT HUB supply...

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Reclining ChairActuator For Single Axis Azimuth Tracking System24v Dc Electric Telescopic Solar Linear ActuatorElectric Window Opener Linear Waterproof ActuatorStrong Force Actuators for Industrial Application12V24V Micro Actuators for Industrial ApplicationHeavy Duty Electric Actuator with Bracket MountingActuator Widely Used for Farm Ventilation EquipmentLinear Actuator For Dual Axis Azimuth Tracking SystemLinear Actuator For Single Axis Azimuth Tracking SystemPush Pull Motors Electric Linear Actuator for Reclining ChairElectric Linear Actuator For Dual Axis Azimuth Tracking SystemElectric Linear Actuator For Single Axis Azimuth Tracking System
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